Storks might be revengeful.

M¶ciwe bociany
These birds might be realy vindictive

People from Rybotycze already know, that one has to live in harmony with storks. A  few years ago, a hundred year old nest was removed. Since that time a lot of misfortune has happened. To avoid it in the future, the inhabitants on their own help reinforce storks nests. From time to time they even use a lift.

How a drunken horse was sold.

A Jew wanted to sell his horse. But it was week and ill, he had to think something up. He gave his horse some home- made liqueur and waited for effects.
a Pole, seeing the vitality of that horse bought it. On the next day, when the horse sobered out and became dejected, the Pole found out that he had been cheated. Immediately, he went to the Jew and wanted him to give back his money. The Jew, laughing, answered:
- I do not know what you have been doing with this horse but when I was giving it to you it was normal. You should have taken care of it.

The miracle in Rybotycze.

While a farmer named Paweł was eating his supper a Jew came to have a word with him. Paweł's wife prepared a whole pot of potatoes with sour milk for him. The Jew was talking and Paweł was listening. Potatoes were very good so Paweł did not stop eating them. Their talk was very long. When they said goodbye and the Jew was asked about the result of their talk he answered that there was a miracle.
- What kind of a miracle?
- It was a miracle that Paweł did not burst.

An enemy with home delivery.

a Jew was asking what the point of going to the army was. He was answered:
- You will be fighting and killing your enemies.
- Aaa couldn't this enemy come here to be killed?


-Anu¶, are you going to your friend's funeral?
-What a friend is he, will he come to my funeral too?

He did not have the right to do it.

a shoemaker was hired to watch over a deceased in Rybotycze. He used to come there with his small workplace and repair shoes. One day, the youth from Rybotycze wanted to make a joke and hired him to watch over a deceased, but it wasn not a real deceased but their friend who was in disguise. At midnight this "deceased" suddenly stood up in his coffin to make a joke. Without considering it, the shoemaker hit this boy's head with his hammer and killed him. He was acquited because he said that " the deceased did not have the right to stand up".